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Noun1.rank order - an arrangement according to rank
ordering, order - the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement; "there were mistakes in the ordering of items on the list"
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When using Exterro Office 365 Explorer, users can identify custodian data sources and volumes, see potentially relevant custodians in rank order, detect custodian relationships based on communication patterns, and preserve in place or collect relevant data from Office 365.
The rank order of concerns since 2001 has been similar to the one seen this year, although more typically, retirement has edged out major medical expenses as the top concern.
The result of the ACJ process is a collective consensus on the ranking for each item included--a rank order of all work from best to worst.
2010 -- Former prime minister, His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, visited France where he met President Nicholas Sarkozy, who awarded him the National Order of Merit (the highest rank order in France) in appreciation for his distinguished efforts in developing bilateral relations.
of its ratings to predict defaults and to properly rank order credit
In order to determine the relationship between Canadian EFL learners' identity style and self-efficacy, the Spearman's rank order correlation formula was used.
Scores for traditional surgical, laparoscopic, spatial analysis, and video gaming skills were determined, and associations among these were analyzed by means of Spearman's rank order correlation coefficient ([r.sub.s]).
The reasons most office cited for agreeing to donate included, in rank order: (1) strong belief that organ donation is the right thing to do; (2) feeling that the memory of loved ones would live through the gift; (3) feeling that something positive came out of their loss; (4) desire to help someone else have a better quality of life.
He says that he wants to put every child into a rank order by the age of 11, with them being divided into 10 bands.
Rounding out the top ten in rank order were- tarmac delays and strandings, TSA complaints, shrinking leg room & seat size, airline mergers & competition, compensation for excessive flight delays, bumping or oversales, and airport related issues.
Applied when a credit application is received, DMS Fraud Attributes use existing credit bureau information and key consumer application data to rank order identity fraud within the applicant population.