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Noun1.rank order - an arrangement according to rank
ordering, order - the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement; "there were mistakes in the ordering of items on the list"
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Purchase orders holder shall be notified of next row only when the holder that precedes it in the rank order is considered defective under the conditions defined in the SPC.
2010 -- Former prime minister, His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, visited France where he met President Nicholas Sarkozy, who awarded him the National Order of Merit (the highest rank order in France) in appreciation for his distinguished efforts in developing bilateral relations.
He says that he wants to put every child into a rank order by the age of 11, with them being divided into 10 bands.
Rounding out the top ten in rank order were- tarmac delays and strandings, TSA complaints, shrinking leg room & seat size, airline mergers & competition, compensation for excessive flight delays, bumping or oversales, and airport related issues.
The agency then arranged applications in rank order--from high to low scores--and determined the strongest proposals to move on based on natural breaks--scoring gaps in the rank order.
Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship is no longer formula-based as all eligible grant applications will be sent to a formal Objective Review Committee Meeting where applications recommended for funding will be awarded based on available appropriation and a Rank Order List.
influx, with the rank order of potency of deltamethrin > S-bioallethrin > [beta]-cyfluthrin > [lambda]-cyhalothrin > esfenvalerate > telfluthrin > fenpropathrin.
The disease list matched that of men, according to the agency's report, but the rank order differed after heart disease and cancer: Trauma-related disorders and osteoarthritis jumped ahead of mental disorders among costs for men.
What one should not do is compile a list of schools in rank order.
The National Rank Order of Settlements Susceptible to Surface Water Flooding shows seven NW cities and towns in the 100 most susceptible to surface water flooding from severe rainfall.
Appendices include the rank order of top 10 news category priorities for each paper.
com/) can rank order students without credit history by using academic and credit data to model future individual income levels, thus their future ability to pay.