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Noun1.ransom money - money demanded for the return of a captured personransom money - money demanded for the return of a captured person
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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We at once gave the renegade five hundred crowns to buy the vessel, and with eight hundred I ransomed myself, giving the money to a Valencian merchant who happened to be in Algiers at the time, and who had me released on his word, pledging it that on the arrival of the first ship from Valencia he would pay my ransom; for if he had given the money at once it would have made the king suspect that my ransom money had been for a long time in Algiers, and that the merchant had for his own advantage kept it secret.
She would bring a great price farther north, if we found it too difficult to collect ransom money from this Tarzan."
He would have promised a sum far beyond his resources just as readily, for he had no intention of paying anything--his one reason for seeming to comply with The Sheik's demands was that the wait for the coming of the ransom money would give him the time and the opportunity to free Meriem if he found that she wished to be freed.
As her French sisters decayed she increased, for here, from north, and from east, and from south, came the plunder to be sold and the ransom money to be spent.
After thoroughly investigation it was revealed that Ghaffar Arain, the kidnapped youth had made a plan to kidnap he himself and his two real cousins Rizwan and Abdul Salam by Jatoi tribesmen for getting ransom money. However, area police have foiled the plan made by him to get ransom money from his real uncle and handed over both recovered youths to his parents and lodged an FIR against Ghaffar Arain at Khanpur Police Station.
Rind said that - kidnapping for ransom is a routine matter in the area and the victims' families hardly ever registered a police case, preferring instead to pay the ransom money and seek the safe return of their loved ones.
He also disclosed to 'Biz Buzz' that the kidnappers demand huge amount of ransom money with one recent victim reportedly coughing out P60 million from his own house vault.
After taking the ransom money, the kidnappers demanded more money, which resulted in a scuffle between them.
The accused were involved in kidnapping of people from Karachi and other cities and they only release them after getting millions of rupees ransom money,' AVCC sources said.
The police traced the kidnappers when they called for ransom money and arrested two suspects Hassan and Tauseef.
On April 8, Jongwook's father sent an initial ransom money worth $17,000 through bitcoin.
The suspects allowed Jian to call his brother to ask for P200,000 ransom money.