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Malware that disables the normal operation of a computer until money or other ransom is paid to the person or organization responsible for the malware.

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(Computer Science) informal illegal computer software that disables a computer or blocks access to data until a payment is received
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Mohammad Ibraheem, who works for a contracting company in Dubai Silicon Oasis, said the ransomware attack took place four days ago when the hacker infected their computers with the dreaded crypto virus, Dharma, which has left all their files encrypted.
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In fact, such cybercrime tactics have fittingly become known as "ransomware" and typically involve a hacker who encrypts an organization's data with a key known only to the hacker coupled with a demand for payment (usually through cryptocurrency) in order to provide the encryption code.
A new strain of ransomware called MegaCortex has been found targeting attacks against entities in the US, Canada, France, Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy.
Hacking tools and kits for cyber attacks, identity theft, malware, ransomware and other nefarious purposes have been available in online marketplaces for several years-price points starting as low as $1- which makes the cost of entry to a life of cybercrime nearly free.
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