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1. Having or showing a strong or excessive desire to acquire money or possess things; greedy: "dishonest utilities and rapacious energy traders" (Paul Roberts).
2. Living by killing prey, especially in large numbers: rapacious coyotes.
3. Taking things by force; plundering: rapacious pirates.

[From Latin rapāx, rapāc-, from rapere, to seize; see rep- in Indo-European roots.]

ra·pa′cious·ly adv.
ra·pac′i·ty (rə-păs′ĭ-tē), ra·pa′cious·ness n.
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Adv.1.rapaciously - in a rapacious manner
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[rəˈpeɪʃəslɪ] ADVcon rapacidad
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[rəˈpeɪʃəslɪ] adv (frm) → rapacemente
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(rəˈpeiʃəs) adjective
greedy (especially for money); eager to seize as much as possible.
raˈpaciously adverb
raˈpaciousness noun
raˈpacity (-ˈpӕsə-) noun
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In his DO letter to the prime minister, Captain Amarinder wrote: "The building, which some media reports cite to be around four centuries old and has been visited by a large number of Sikh pilgrims, has been rapaciously pillaged and destroyed."
Citizens engaged this print dialectic rapaciously. (368) These literate
'We are apprehensive that the new joint exploration deal with China may be unconstitutional and might bury the Philippines in debt to the very country that has rapaciously built islands and occupied our seas in defiance of our sovereign rights in the WPS,' Colmenares said.
On the other hand, former struggle comrades such as Ganyani Novela who has been in exile with the likes of Kimathi, Sechaba and Ludwe lead a lavish life gained from rapaciously using political connections to gain irregular tenders, like Ganyani's "thirty million rand" when the ruling party "promised to build one million new homes for the poor during its first term of office" (38, my emphasis).
But Israel has not been content with this; far from staying within its original borders, Tel Aviv has rapaciously gobbled up Arab land, including the flashpoint holy city of Jerusalem, while illegal settlements continue to mushroom.
It accounts for a large proportion of art treasures in museums everywhere, including those in pre-colonial empires such as China and India, who plundered conquered peoples every bit as rapaciously as any Western colonialists.
The album was stunningly accomplished and also rapaciously, almost gynecologically carnal -- and the latter is surely what people mostly remember about it now.
'In my village, Quezon City Mayor Herbert 'Bistek' Bautista has rapaciously ordered the wanton digging of our pavements on both sides of our roads by bulldozers backstopped by brigades of workers.
With no doubt, the interpretation of Santiago as a symbol of "code hero" is universally accepted, yet, Nie, in this book, introduces the Jungle Rule to his analysis of the old man and gains from his failure the insight that human beings should prevent themselves from ethical chaos to "avoid degenerating themselves into animal and shoulder the ethical responsibility to maintain a harmonious relation with nature other than grab rapaciously from it according to Jungle Law" (214).
debut is twofold: K-pop is an active surrogate of the American cultural hegemony and hypercommercialism that rapaciously commodifies anything marketable, and Korean society has become exponentially more Americanized while confronting and adapting neoliberal doctrines since the 1997 IMF crises.
He enjoyed some luck, especially early on, but seized rapaciously on anything loose on his way to 75 (110 balls, 12 fours).