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1. Having or showing a strong or excessive desire to acquire money or possess things; greedy: "dishonest utilities and rapacious energy traders" (Paul Roberts).
2. Living by killing prey, especially in large numbers: rapacious coyotes.
3. Taking things by force; plundering: rapacious pirates.

[From Latin rapāx, rapāc-, from rapere, to seize; see rep- in Indo-European roots.]

ra·pa′cious·ly adv.
ra·pac′i·ty (rə-păs′ĭ-tē), ra·pa′cious·ness n.
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Noun1.rapaciousness - extreme gluttonyrapaciousness - extreme gluttony      
gluttony - habitual eating to excess
2.rapaciousness - an excessive desire for wealth (usually in large amounts); "the greediness of lawyers"
selfishness - stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others


The quality or condition of being voracious:
جَشَع، نَهَم
aç gözlülük


(rəˈpeiʃəs) adjective
greedy (especially for money); eager to seize as much as possible.
raˈpaciously adverb
raˈpaciousness noun
raˈpacity (-ˈpӕsə-) noun
References in classic literature ?
Once we lived in what we saw; now, the rapaciousness of this new power, which threatens to absorb all things, engages us.
Those who have survived with great strength and intelligence to inhabit a nation given over to values and rapaciousness contrary to their closest spiritual beliefs--these are people who have something to say to all of us.
Halfen-amoured by technology's potential, and half-fearful of its rapaciousness, he predicted that posters would be replaced by flashing screens, changing image every 10 seconds.
It is not just the rapaciousness of corporations, the selfish behavior of billions of unthinking consumers, or even the resource-intensive economies of what neo-Marxists always optimistically call "late capitalism" that is ushering in the Anthropocene.
For D'Amville, Stoic principles serve as extensions of his self-interest, while on the other hand Castabella appreciates constancy for its potential to frustrate D'Amville's rapaciousness.
Substitute rapaciousness before more Pfizer defenders weigh in.
To curb her rapaciousness one has to negate her natural resources monopoly.
Productivity in work and labor, based on economic exploitation, and civil and human rights violations became the primary analytical framework for critiquing democracy's rapaciousness toward black captivity--a capacity first legalized in the US Constitution's "3/5 clause" and later in its thirteenth amendment codifying enslavement through imprisonment.
It combines affectionate sendups of gangster-film conventions with culture-clash satire that cuts both ways, making fun of the Scandinavian welfare state while tacitly critiquing American rapaciousness.
Instead, the post-Taliban state has frequently failed to deliver the elemental public goods and services the people desire, and has been characterized by rapaciousness, corruption, tribal discrimination, and predatory behavior on the part of government officials and their associated power brokers.
He deplored the corrupt rapaciousness of imperial taxation, and he thought the barbarian depredations were the agents of divine vengeance on an utterly sinful "Roman" society, akin to the defeats of Israel and Judah in Deuteronomical history.
Based on a belief in white racial purity that necessitated a rigid color line, a system of extralegal but state-sanctioned violence emerged in the late nineteenth century to protect white women from black men's putatively natural rapaciousness.