rape suspect

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Noun1.rape suspect - someone who is suspected of committing rape
suspect - someone who is under suspicion
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A rape suspect accused of involvement in the gang-rape of a 14-year-old girl in Wajir was on Friday detained pending investigations.
Meantime last Sunday, another rape suspect was arrested by the police also in the said barangay.
Summary: Peshawar [Pakistan], Dec 26 (ANI): The Peshawar High Court has ruled it was obligatory to conduct DNA tests on both the rape suspect and the alleged victim, in accordance with the enforcement of a law last year to check the incidents of sexual abuse.
The post Rape suspect in custody appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The rape suspect has been arrested as police continue with investigations.
WOMEN'S violence campaigners have condemned the decision to repeatedly bail a serial child rape suspect as "appalling".
THERESA May and Jeremy Corbyn have united in support of a police officer stabbed several times while trying to arrest a rape suspect.
A RAPE suspect was free on police bail last night after a man suffered an "incredibly shocking attack" at a busy city centre store.
A RAPE suspect has been quizzed over an attack near a busy city street.
A RAPE suspect has been quizzed over an alleged attack near a busy city street.
SPRINGFIELD - An anonymous tip led police officers on Saturday to arrest a rape suspect they've been looking for since February.
New Delhi: Police charged 18 people Sunday after a frenzied mob stormed a prison and lynched a rape suspect in India's northeast, in an act of vigilante justice condemned by rights groups and political leaders.