1. Designed to fire shots in rapid succession: a rapid-fire machine gun.
2. Marked by continuous rapid occurrence: rapid-fire questions.


1. done or occurring in rapid succession.
2. discharging, operating, etc., at a rate more rapid than normal.


[ˈræpɪdˌfaɪə] ADJ [gun] → de fuego racheado (fig) → trepidante
a rapid-fire succession of questionsuna sucesión trepidante de preguntas
References in classic literature ?
Kantos Kan dropped quickly into the darkness, while I rose steadily and at terrific speed raced through the Martian sky followed by a dozen of the air-scout craft which had joined the pursuit, and later by a swift cruiser carrying a hundred men and a battery of rapid-fire guns.
A dozen times shots grazed the Thuria's side, and as Carthoris could not leave the control levers, Thuvia of Ptarth turned the muzzles of the craft's rapid-fire guns upon the enemy as she clung to the steep and slippery surface of the deck.
The statistics show that 58,640 merchant steamers, equipped with searchlights and rapid-fire guns, were despatched by the various nations to China.
The top six in the event at the end of the two qualifying stages, the precision stage and the rapid-fire stage, make it to the medal round.
In men's rapid-fire pistol, that would be two-time Olympian Keith Sanderson.
Winchester was a pioneer in rapid fire--developing the first successful repeating rifle, the forerunner of the modern rapid-fire gun.
SIR Patrick Moore was a great TV personality but his rapid-fire delivery only worked because he was a gifted astronomer.
He first scored a rapid-fire 60 in 35 balls and then prised out two wickets to defeat Pak Titans by 111 runs.
com, a former editor at Oxford University Press, kicked off the day as one of four rapid-fire leaders.
With an eye to future operations, the Israel Air Force is testing helicopters upgraded with missile launchers and a rapid-fire cannon.
The Ducks started the post-break schedule much like they began the season, using physical defense and rapid-fire scoring to overwhelm the Dallas Stars 4-1 on Sunday at the Honda Center.
This rapid-fire approach leaves the local environment devastated, and poses serious safety issues for the workers as the lack of proper knowledge leaves them open to potentially lethal hazards.