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rare 1

adj. rar·er, rar·est
1. Infrequently occurring; uncommon: a rare event; a plant that is rare in this region.
2. Excellent; extraordinary: a rare sense of honor.
3. Thin in density; rarefied: rare air.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin rārus.]

rare′ness n.

rare 2

adj. rar·er, rar·est
Cooked just a short time so as to retain juice and redness: a rare steak.

[Middle English rere, lightly boiled, from Old English hrēr; see kerə- in Indo-European roots.]

rare′ness n.
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Noun1.rareness - noteworthy scarcityrareness - noteworthy scarcity      
scarceness, scarcity - a small and inadequate amount
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الشِّواء القَليل
sjaldgæfni; òaî aî vera sjaldgæfur
az pişmiş olma


[ˈrɛənɪs] Nrareza f
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(= scarcity)Seltenheit f, → Rarheit f; (of occurrence)Seltenheit f
(of steak)Rohheit f
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(ˈreə) adjective
1. not done, found, seen etc very often; uncommon. a rare flower; a rare occurrence.
2. (of meat) only slightly cooked. I like my steak rare.
ˈrareness noun
ˈrarely adverb
not often. I rarely go to bed before midnight.
ˈrarity noun
1. the state of being uncommon.
2. (plural ˈrarities) something which is uncommon. This stamp is quite a rarity.
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As without the which men can no better live than without fire and water; whereas to gold and silver nature hath given no use that we may not well lack, if that the folly of men had not set it in higher estimation for the rareness sake.
"This letter interest me deeply, because the chief difficulty in the study of catalepsy is the rareness of the disease.
Parents, Dawn McIntyre, 56, and Damian Meehan, 63, used private medical care because of the rareness of the condition, with PS60,000 raised in a month after a newspaper campaign.
The clinician should be aware of the rareness, the potential severity of the disease without treatment and the differential diagnostic difficulties with other types of neuritis and swollen optic disc.
Tim began to show symptoms years ago, but due to the rareness of the disease it was difficult for doctors to diagnose him.
However, it was later assessed that the multi-step for the synthesis and rareness of starting materials were the two major obstacles for the large-scale production of the material.
Misidentifications of DD species as other taxa can therefore contribute to the apparent rareness of the DD species.
From the generosity of space to the rareness of finishes, the 220 rooms and suites of Address Downtown are equipped with high-speed wireless Internet, interactive TVs, room automation and an entertainment interface.
They are, first, areas judged best in number and rareness of species by experienced field biologists; second, "hot spots," localities known to support a large number of species of a specific favoured group such as birds and trees; and third, broad-brush areas delineated by geography and vegetation, called ecoregions.
All this merges into the impression that she feels she herself embodies the country, similar to a monarch who makes rareness a sign of authority.