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A thin soup of southern India, typically made with tomatoes, tamarind, and various spices including turmeric, coriander, cumin, and red chilies, often served with steamed rice.

[From Tamil rasam, juice, flavor, rasam (Sanskrit rasaḥ, plant sap, fruit juice, essence; akin to Latin rōs, Lithuanian rasa, and Old Church Slavonic rosa, dew + Tamil -am, neuter singular noun ending), and probably also partly from Malayalam rasam (Sanskrit rasaḥ + Malayalam -am, neuter singular noun ending).]
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"While we stood beside a rack bewildered by the smorgasbord of rasam powder packets on display, I thought back to years gone when my mum cooked all that I liked.
Some of the customs have also died out, of which Shahloro, Chappi ki Rasam, Qurmuqar, Regin, Karoos, Shoacho and Makook are noteworthy.
In the same event for women, Navy's Lubna Amin, Ayesha Javed, and Rasam Gul claimed gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively.
According to Rasam, creating links with the industry is also important and the institute has also worked on this front.
Of retaining wall near house of tushar rasam, shankar pawar chawl, tadwadi,chunabhatti.
Rasam granita is placed over fresh Pacific oysters, butter mushroom naan is paired with paneer cheese, and the murtabak is stuffed with veal bone marrow.
Think Rasam (a spicy vegetable broth) served in a coffee percolator with sea food and chocolate shawarma.
Another course sees a tiny yet delicious scoop of mixed chat presented on a massive golden oyster plate, while the unusual combination of watermelon and 'rasam' (South Indian soup) tastes impressive.
Under the Culinary Expertise Indian Chef Khan, whose roots stem from India, and who has been working in Sri Lanka for almost 10 years, a variety of tantalising tandoor dishes such as chicken tikka masala, together with a range of hearty curries as well as freshly baked naan breads, rotti bread, khichdi, a range of chutneys, and Rasam will all be available.
This came during his meeting with the President aead of the popular tribal cohesion Council Sheikh Dhaifullah Rasam and heads of tribal cohesion councils in the capital Sanaa and the rest of provinces.
The candidates contesting for Keningau PKR division chief were incumbent Johari Tahir, Datuk Dr Sangkar Rasam and Haslina Abin Kassim.
Add cleaned mussels to boiling rasam and cover with lid.