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also rash guard  (răsh′gärd′)
A tight-fitting, lightweight, stretchable shirt worn especially for water sports to protect the upper body from abrasion, as from rubbing against a surfboard, or sunburn.
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He may be wearing a black hood, gray long sleeve rashguard top and multi-colored board shorts.
Dakine Women's Persuasive Snug Fit Long Sleeve Rashguard PS50, and matching Surf Short, PS40 (dakine.com) DAKINE'S new range offers UPF 50+ sun protection, while ergonomic panels and the snug lightweight fit promise comfort, protection from chafing and easy movement.
After half an hour, David returned bruised, bloodied and his rashguard ripped apart.
RAD RASHIE Call in a rashguard for days when you want more coverage--chic nautical stripes mean yoy don't have to sacrifice style (or a sunburn).
I'll always leave everything I have in that cage!" The Norris Greenborn fighter was wearing royal blue for the fight, with 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' adorning her rashguard.
Clockwise from left: Camelia two-piece swimsuit with its mini-me version Calla two-piece rashguard swimsuit, and Maya swimsuit with its mini-me version in Misha swimsuit.
After all, the back of her rashguard, revealed after she removes her gear, says it all: Mama Ranger.