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1. A coarse file with sharp, pointed projections.
2. The act of filing with a rasp.
3. A harsh grating sound.
v. rasped, rasp·ing, rasps
1. To file or scrape with a rasp.
2. To utter in a grating voice.
3. To grate on (nerves or feelings).
1. To scrape harshly; grate.
2. To make a harsh, grating sound.

[Old French raspe, from rasper, to rasp, of Germanic origin. V., Middle English raspen, from Middle Dutch raspen, from Old French rasper.]

rasp′er n.
rasp′ing·ly adv.


(ˈræs pər, ˈrɑ spər)

1. a person or thing that rasps.
2. a machine for scraping sugarcane.


n (Tech) → Raspel f, → Grobfeile f; (Cook) → Raspel f, → Reibeisen nt
References in classic literature ?
I couldn't tell you how it come into my head or where from, but it had so much the sound of a rasper that I own to you it astonished myself.
Three-minute rock songs have rarely been as adventurous - with epic moments like Brobdingnagian alongside 90-second raspers such as Re-written In Big Ink.
The album features contemporary reconstructions of traditional Ciboney social music or Arietos, composed by Senor Salt, in the Ciboney language, using traditional instruments such as the maraca, flutes, drums and rain-stick style shakers, raspers.
2010 RASPerS data show that almost 90% of the 1,047 research administrator survey participants report their jobs have become increasingly demanding over the past few years (see Figure 1).
Kim (for Bednar, ht) first and all-important goal and came close with two raspers 8
The album's opening track, Sweet Tone 'Bone, ought to be a hit single, featuring rapper ShortMan, yet covering the very dawn of jazz, name-checking old raspers from the beginning of the last century.
He scored some raspers, he won everything he could win, he was Footballer of the Year and he captained his country with chest-bursting pride on 23 occasions.
Theo Zagorakis went close with a couple of raspers before Raul missed an absolute sitter.
A current approach is to put together a tire shredding and handling operation that may incorporate a wider range of equipment, including several shredders, raspers and crackermills, as well as sort lines, magnets and other sorting types of equipment.
Bebington were quickly out of their starting blocks and scored three times inside the first 10 minutes through James Hough and two 20-yard raspers fromJenner.
Twice Kelly sent raspers towards Cummins' net, twice the cat-like Cummins swatted them away.
Committee chairman David Hinchliffe, a rugby league man who has heard a few raspers in his time, was shocked.