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intr. & tr.v. ras·sled, ras·sling, ras·sles Nonstandard
To engage in wrestling or wrestle with.

[Dialectal alteration of wrestle.]

ras′sler n.
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(ˈrɛs əl)

v. -tled, -tling,
n. v.i.
1. to engage in wrestling.
2. to contend or struggle, as for mastery; grapple: to wrestle with one's conscience.
3. to contend with in wrestling.
4. to force by or as if by wrestling.
5. to throw (a calf or other animal) for branding.
6. an act of or a bout at wrestling.
7. a struggle.
[before 1100; Middle English; Old English *wrǣstlian (compare Old English wrǣstlere wrestler)]
wres′tler, n.
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That reaction might sound familiar, but, fortunately for you, the wild rodents you're likely to rassle with are much, much smaller.
"It seems like every game we play Boston," Collins said, "he and Garnett get into a couple of rassle ups.
I won't ever forget the deadpan, poignant satire as the protagonist arrives at the shabby but proud college where he's to lead five classes as they (in his new employer's words) "rassle the written word" and "go to the mat" with language in a building called Liberty Hall.