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archaic the act of erasing or scraping, esp writing from a document


(ˈreɪ ʒər, -ʃər)

an erasure.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Middle French < Late Latin rāsūra= Latin rās(us), past participle of rādere to scratch, scrape + -ūra -ure]
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who contributed time and prizes to the golf outing include: Nancy Czesak, RA, PWC VP and program committee co-chair, Tishman, an AECOM Company; Nicole Hunter, PWC board member and program committee co-chair, HNTB; Kay Lee, PWC board member, SimplexGrinnell; Maureen Warnicke, Legrand; Marjorie Caruso, AEC Repro; Ining Hsu, AECOM; Mary Rasure, Tutor Perini; Olga Vinogradova, Esq.
She has up tour tes with rasure and Bryan Ferry this summer and will also be playing a series of boutique stivals uding ood Pines Forest Park on Friday June 17.
CONTACT: John Rasure of Photon Research Associates, +1-505-830-0957, rasure@photon.
HoMedic's Shiatsu massage cushion, introduced during the fourth quarter, has been number one in terms of dollars and number five in units for the back and body segment, according to Ann Rasure, group business manager for health and wellness.
Members of the Event Committee were: Armand, Czesak, Hunter, and Fife; Heather Fraser, ALA LEED AP, Martinez + Johnson Architects; Mary Rasure, Tutor Perini; Maureen Wamicke, Legrand Northeast; Maijorie Caruso, AEC Repro; Ining Hsu, AECOM; Olga Vinogradova, Esq.
PRA's GIS Express service has grown dramatically over the last year because we provide customers with excellent one-stop service and competitive pricing," said John Rasure, Senior VP.
HoMedics has plans to ramp up its consumer education efforts, according to Ann Rasure, senior product manager.
The change is intended to better reflect the mission of the organization, according to John Rasure, President and CEO.
And HoMedics has found power wings to be an effective method for getting products into high-traffic areas, according to Ann Rasure, senior product manager for the company.
John Rasure, PRA Senior Vice President, who is responsible for launching GIS Express, explains, "The commercial remote sensing industry is expanding as more satellite and aerial providers offer new and different products.
We really see wellness as not just remedies for ailments, but as proactive, preventative products," said Ann Rasure, senior product manager for HoMedics.