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also rat·tail (răt′tāl′)
1. See grenadier.
2. A long, thin length of hair that hangs down the nape of the neck, usually when the rest of the hair is cut short.
adj. also rat-tailed (-tāld′) or rat·tailed (-tāld′)
Shaped like or having a part shaped like a rat's tail: a rat-tail file; a rattail comb.
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"You common, monkey-headed, rat-tailed, sulphur-coloured son of a door mat, do you know what I'm going to call you?"
Tanya Latty, an entomologist at the University of Sydney, said the animal was a rat-tailed maggot and the creature did not pose a threat to humans.
These were rat-tailed bats, two species of which occur in Egypt, the Larger Rat-tailed Bat and the Lesser Rattailed Bat.
The larva has a siphon that acts as a respiratory attachment and also is like a tail, thus giving them their nickname "rattailed maggot." The siphon can be several times the length of the body; it was identified as "rat-tailed maggot" or larvae fly E.
Instead, they offer an escalating strategy that graduates from claiming to have an STD, to vomiting, to, ultimately, stabbing assailants with a rat-tailed comb, with the caveat "Use of a firearm to protect yourself or property is not recommended."