rate of growth

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Noun1.rate of growth - the rate of increase in size per unit timerate of growth - the rate of increase in size per unit time
isometry - the growth rates in different parts of a growing organism are the same
rate - a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit; "they traveled at a rate of 55 miles per hour"; "the rate of change was faster than expected"
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/must/ have been nearly three thousand years after the date of the execution of the carving, the column was only eight feet high, and was still in process of formation, which gives a rate of growth of a foot to a thousand years, or an inch and a fraction to a century.
Furthermore, the rate of growth was the sharpest of the 12 monitored UK areas.
On the supply side, the market was influenced by the rate of growth of credit to the building and construction sector during the period July 2017 to June 2018 which averaged 1.2 per cent.
Energy consumption worldwide grew by 2.3 percent in 2018, nearly twice the average rate of growth since 2010, driven by a robust global economy as well as higher heating and cooling needs in some parts of the world, according to IEA.
It marks the softest rate of growth in just over a year and a half, aside from the low recorded in snow-hit March.
The rate of growth accelerated since January and was sharp overall.
The rate of growth for physician and clinical services declined to 5.4% in 2016 because of decreases in Medicaid and Medicare rates and declines in the use and intensity of services.
The Emirates NBD Dubai Economy Tracker Index (DETI) slipped to 55.2 in September from 56.3 in August, but still signals a solid rate of growth last month.
The rate of growth has accelerated for five straight months and was growing at its fastest rate since August 2010.
The world was ridiculing us and the Indian economy, and its growth was referred to globally as the Hindu rate of growth. So, anybody who grew slowly and was satisfied with that growth level was sarcastically referred to as Hindu rate of growth," Jaitley said at an event in here.
The moderate growth recorded till 1980s was described by economists as the Hindu rate of growth.