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Noun1.rate of pay - amount of money received per unit time; "women's pay rate is lower than men's"
time and a half - a rate of pay that is 1.5 times the regular rate; for overtime work
charge per unit, rate - amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis; "a 10-minute phone call at that rate would cost $5"
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In the first place, none of them should have any property of his own beyond what is absolutely necessary; neither should they have a private house or store closed against any one who has a mind to enter; their provisions should be only such as are required by trained warriors, who are men of temperance and courage; they should agree to receive from the citizens a fixed rate of pay, enough to meet the expenses of the year and no more; and they will go and live together like soldiers in a camp.
Jonathan Tew, the council's assistant chief executive, argued that the rate of pay for the half a dozen or so nonexecutive advisers, who are expected to do 12 days of work a year, was 'very reasonable'.
However, wage notifications are not required when the rate of pay increase and the new rate is indicated on the next wage statement.
The hourly rate of pay will continue to increase until it reaches $20 in 2021.
The supermarket confirmed last week that consultations were taking place to simplify terms for hourly paid workers and increase the basic rate of pay to PS9 per hour.
Estimates from the Low Pay Commission (LPC) suggest that 38,600 workers across our county currently receive the minimum rate of pay.
According to the five-page complaint, Santiago claims the village failed to include holiday pay and sick leave buyback pay in his regular rate of pay.
Supermarket giant Sainsbury's has announced plans to increase its basic rate of pay by [pounds sterling]1.20 an hour to [pounds sterling]9.20, and [pounds sterling]9.80 in London.
Back in spring 2015, workers gathered outside the Sita waste recycling facility in Haverton Hill to protest about the rate of pay given to foreign workers.
YOUR rate of pay is PS9 an hour and you are given a 5% raise.
Overall, 23% of more than 2,000 adults questioned were unable to correctly work out the new rate of pay of someone who is paid PS9 an hour and gets a five per cent pay increase.