rate of payment

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Noun1.rate of payment - the amount of money paid out per unit time
charge per unit, rate - amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis; "a 10-minute phone call at that rate would cost $5"
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Because the Islamic Republic operates an Islamic banking system, the bond payments are officially not called interest but profits, although the rate of payment is set before the sale and before any profits can be calculated.
Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan said there was no consultation with the Irish Pharmacy Union to change the rate of payment under the community drugs schemes.
Now, however, it means money to the racecourses, since the new contract includes provision for a cut in the basic rate of payment if field sizes fail to match the ideal.
Among claims resolved out of court, the researchers found that 88% involved compensation payment to the plaintiff--nearly three times the rate of payment for medical malpractice claims.