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1. One that rates, especially one that establishes a rating.
2. One having an indicated rank or rating. Often used in combination: a third-rater; a first-rater.
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1. a person or instrument that rates something
2. a person or thing with a designated or specific rating
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(ˈreɪ tər)

a person or thing that is of a specific rating (usu. used in combination): The show's star is a first-rater.
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As to the 52-foot linear raters, praised so much by the writer, I am warmed up by his approval of their performances; but, as far as any clear conception goes, the descriptive phrase, so precise to the comprehension of a yachtsman, evokes no definite image in my mind.
I am disposed to admire and respect the 52-foot linear raters on the word of a man who regrets in such a sympathetic and understanding spirit the threatened decay of yachting seamanship.
The promotion recommendation form will no longer be a summary of information contained in the officer's record, but instead will allow the senior rater to provide performance-based differentiation and characterization of the eligible office's potential to serve in the next higher grade.
BSP: Philippines should do 'Catriona swirl' to wow credit raters !-- -- Alexis Romero (Philstar.com) - May 8, 2019 - 4:22pm MANILA, Philippines The Philippines should do a "Catriona swirl" in explaining the positive developments in the economy to get the attention of debt watchdogs and investors and to secure a credit upgrade, a central bank official said yesterday.
Intraclass correlations: uses in assessing rater reliability.
Again, consistent with results from Table 3, variance in rater was a nonissue except for (2c) Student Discourse: Rigor accounting for 21%.
Accuracy and precision (agreement) of the estimates of each rater, with and without the use of the SADs, was also determined based on the Lin's concordance correlation coefficient (LCCC; [[rho].sub.c]).
Nawa et al (18), evaluated the inter-rater reliability of the Perme Score, but in a single moment and with a single pair of raters (rater "A" evaluated the patient and rater "B" observed the entire process).
The Ramen Rater likes the thin noodles of this variety married with a "perfect balance of scallion oil and soy sauce." Lienesch emphasized that the simple combination of ingredients was a prime example how Taiwanese instant noodle makers "take very simple things and make something truly amazing out of them."
Rater accountability has the potential to improve the accuracy of ratings by affecting the information gathering process and decision quality (Frink & Klimoski, 1998; Lerner & Tetlock, 1999).