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n. pl. ratfish or rat·fish·es
A chimaera (Hydrolagus colliei) of eastern Pacific waters, having a large head, a long narrow tail, and triangular pectoral fins.


n, pl -fish or -fishes
1. (Animals) another name for rabbitfish1
2. (Animals) a chimaera, Hydrolagus colliei, of the North Pacific Ocean, which has a long narrow tail



n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
a spotted chimaera, Hydrolagus colliei, of the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Baja California, having a ratlike tail.
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We found that it was called either a ratfish or rabbitfish.
The ratfish and marine resource deficiencies on the Northwest Coast, Canadian Journal of Archaeology 19: 49-60.
Anaemic-looking crabs scuttle along; shrimps glow red as they float beside twisted pieces of metal; a large, white ratfish swims slowly by.
Coastguards at Stornoway said the 26-year-old, on board the trawler Audacious II, had been badly spiked through the hand by a ratfish caught in the nets.
We measured fork length for all species except length of Spotted Ratfish (Hydrolagus colliei), for which precaudal length (tip of snout to second dorsal fin; Anderson and Quinn, 2012) was measured; all length measurements were made to the nearest millimeter.
The species tested ranged from the 1m-long ratfish, a small relative of the sharks that scours the seabed for crabs and clams, to the great white shark, a large predatory shark that can approach 6m in length.
Offering some detailed information on a wide range of toothy swimmers, including several you can see at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport: leopard sharks, spiny dogfish, spotted ratfish, bat rays and skates.
Rare fossils include an annelid worm, two crabs, a spiny lobster, a ratfish, a ray, unidentified bony fishes, and reptiles reported here.
Six taxa observed with the ROV had a reaction rate of at least 50%: Pink Seaperch, Pacific Hake (Merluccius productus), Spotted Ratfish (Hydrolagus colliei), and Yellowtail (S.
Cartilaginous fish, which today include sharks, rays, and ratfish, diverged from the bony fishes more than 420 million years ago.
Catch for these 62 species was initially partitioned into seven groups based on taxonomy and depth (in order of decreasing biomass): flatfish (30%), other shallow to mid-depth species (20%), shelf rockfish (15%), sharks, skates, and ratfish (13%), other deep water species (9%), thornyheads (8%), and slope rockfish (5%), to examine trends over time.
But, there are only 1,200 species of cartilaginous fish, including sharks, rays and ratfish.