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n. pl. ratfish or rat·fish·es
A chimaera (Hydrolagus colliei) of eastern Pacific waters, having a large head, a long narrow tail, and triangular pectoral fins.


n, pl -fish or -fishes
1. (Animals) another name for rabbitfish1
2. (Animals) a chimaera, Hydrolagus colliei, of the North Pacific Ocean, which has a long narrow tail



n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
a spotted chimaera, Hydrolagus colliei, of the Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Baja California, having a ratlike tail.
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Hierarchical clustering analysis also indicated that Lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus), Pacific Spiny Dogfish (Squalus suckleyi), and Spotted Ratfish (Hydrolagus colliei) were part of the shelf cluster, but this result was not confirmed by partitioning analysis.
That makes Helicoprion a distant relative of today's rabbitfish, ratfish and other chimaeras.
A nodule unearthed from 300-million-year-old rocks in Kansas holds what scientists believe is the oldest fossilized brain, that of an ancient cartilaginous fish (illustration, top) related to modern-day ratfish.
For example, sharks, rays, and ratfish contain only microvillar olfactory neurons, whereas lampreys, snakes, frogs, and turtles contain only ciliated ones.
And Hydrolagus trolli, a species of ratfish, was named after him.
There are spotted ratfish, big skates, spiny dogfish and shortspine thornyheads, among dozens of others, and they're all identified distinctly in each region you choose to draw a little box.
The skates and rays of California, with an account of the ratfish.
It is, as you'd expect, quirky, filled with objets d'art, like a pickled ratfish, a small, sharklike fish that is Troll's personal totem.
Rare fossils include annelid worms, crabs, a spiny lobster, a ratfish, a ray, a few bony fishes, and the reptiles reported here Reptiles have not been previously reported from the Paleocene or Eocene of any state or province bordering the Great Lakes.
We found that it was called either a ratfish or rabbitfish.
These fish, such as the ghostfish (Chimaeridae), the ratfish, and other Macrouridae and some rays look much more familiar.
The spotted ratfish, below, swims along the canyon floor looking for tasty worms or clams.