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 (rät′skĕl′ər, răt′-, răth′-)
A restaurant or tavern, usually below street level, that serves beer.

[German Ratskeller, Rathskeller, restaurant in the city hall basement : German Rat, council, counsel (from Middle High German rāt, from Old High German; see ar- in Indo-European roots) + German Keller, cellar (from Middle High German, from Old High German kellāri, from Latin cellārium; see cellar).]


a variant spelling of Ratskeller


(ˈrɑtˌskɛl ər, ˈræt-, ˈræθ-)

a restaurant or bar located below street level.
[1895–1900, Amer.; < German Rat(h)skeller literally, the cellar of a town hall]
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Noun1.rathskeller - a tavern below street level featuring beer; originally a German restaurant in the basement of city hall
tap house, tavern - a building with a bar that is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks
References in classic literature ?
He is the man who has chased Bohemia about the town from rathskeller to roof garden and from Hester street to Harlem until you can't find a place in the city where they don't cut their spaghetti with a knife.
My main brewery features a bar called the Rathskeller.
The National Hotel has earned a reputation for excellent service for its hotel suites and for its distinctive culinary selections, along with signature drinks served at its Restaurant and Bar, as well as downstairs in The Rathskeller Pub (a.
In the picture above, the crew including NHHA Board Chairman Linda Johnson; Past Board Chairman Dick Thomas and his wife, Carol; NHHA President and CEO Bill Lee and his wife, Jane, and daughter, Elizabeth; and I take a break from the day at the Rathskeller in Cochem.
The Rathskeller was the "pub" in the basement of the old Student Union on the Main Street Campus, SUNY at Buffalo which was a popular gathering place for students to discuss subjects which student always discuss, academic and political.
Regis") sought declaratory judgment to resolve a dispute over the extent of its coverage obligations to All-American Rathskeller ("Rathskeller") under a special multi-peril policy.
Held in the Kellersall Ballroom at The Rathskeller restaurant in downtown Indy's historic Athenaeum building, the event features table displays sponsored by distributors, wineries and microbreweries.
A fun application is sending in trivia answers at the rathskeller.
This being academia, these slights weren't resolved with furious arguments late into the night at the local Rathskeller, but in front of something called the Committee on Student Life.
Restaurants in the area include Bazbeaux's Pizza, Aesop's Tables and the Rathskeller at the Athenaeum.