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Noun1.rating system - a system of classifying according to quality or merit or amount
classification system - a system for classifying things
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Sustainability Assessment: A Rating System Framework for Best Practices
The FFIEC member agencies plan to implement the updated rating system on consumer compliance examinations to begin on or after March 31, 2017.
That said, credit unions have the ability to customize a rating system to best fit the unique risk characteristics of their institution.
Joseph said a dialogue would reveal how the rating system was drawn up and the people behind it.
The purposes of the rating system are to: (1) help students and families make informed choices when searching for and selecting a college; (2) help colleges measure, benchmark, and continue to improve across the principles of access, affordability, and outcomes; and (3) enable the incentives and accountability structure in the federal student aid program to be properly aligned to these key principles (fact sheet and blog post).
The Star Rating System will determine the level of all service delivery channels used by the Dubai customers through assessment and classification.
A newly established, independent nonprofit organization, the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), is working to develop and administer a sustainability rating system for North American infrastructure.
A new, independent non-profit organization is tasked with developing and administering a sustainability rating system for North American infrastructure--the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI).
Botanic Garden has released the nation's first rating system for the design, construction and maintenance of sustainable landscapes, with or without buildings.
Since last year's inception of the national Five-Star rating system of nursing homes, a new question has emerged for owners: Is my facility's rating impacting the positive perceptions of residents and their families?
The new rating system will give patients and their families an easy way to evaluate quality at the nation's nursing homes, he said.
Choosing the right rating system for a project is the first step in addressing the kinds of design strategies that must be considered if a project is going to achieve LEED certification.