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Adj.1.ratlike - resembling or characteristic of a rat
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He had a brief talk with his visitor, watching him with his ratlike eyes, and making up his mind about him; and then he gave him a note to Mr.
He has a "ratlike smile", a damp handshake, a shrill, high voice and a body that smells of "underarms or feet".
I have no illusion some fusion of force and form will save me, bewilderment of bonelight ungrave me as when the El shooting through a hell of ratty alleys where nothing thrives but soot and the ratlike lives that have learned to eat it screechingly peacocked a grace of sparks so far out and above the fast curve that jostled and fastened us into a single shock of-- I will not call it love but at least some brief and no doubt illusionary belief that in one surge of brain we were all seeing one thing: a lone unearned loveliness struck from an iron pain.
All our lives are activity without meaning; we burrow ratlike into life and we squirm ratlike through it and ratlike we are flung into our graves at the end.
Its ratlike 4-inch tail, rubber skirt, and massive double hook bring up the rear.
THE English journalist and writer Nicholas Tomalin famously observed that: "The only qualities essential for real success in journalism are ratlike cunning, a plausible manner and a little literary ability."
One of the speakers was former Sunderland South MP Chris Mullin, among that small group of politicians to whom high intellect always seems more important than ratlike cunning.
(1983) Common, black-bellied, or ratlike hamsters In Mammals of the World.