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n. Archaic
A thick, twilled woolen cloth.

[French ratine, from Old French rastin, from *raster, to scrape, ultimately from Latin rādere; see rash2.]


(Textiles) a variant spelling of ratine



n. Obs.
a heavy, napped woolen fabric.
[1675–85; < French ratine, past participle of ratiner to make a nap on cloth]
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Venture had a Kersey dark colour'd Great Coat, three Kersey jackets, two pair of Breeches of the same, a new cloth colour'd Fly-Coat, with red shaloon lining, a green ratteen Jacket, almost new, a crimson birded stuff ditto, a pair of large Ozenbrigs Trowsers, a new felt hat, two pairs of shoes, one pair new, several pair of Stockings; he is a very tall fellow, 6 feet 2 inches high, thick, square shoulders, large bon'd, mark'd in the face, or scar'd with a knife in his own country.