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 (rôn′chē, rän′-)
adj. raun·chi·er, raun·chi·est Slang
1. Obscene, lewd, or vulgar: a raunchy joke.
2. Grimy; unkempt: a raunchy closet full of dirty socks.
3. Uninhibited. Used of sex.

[Origin unknown.]

raun′chi·ly adv.
raun′chi·ness n.
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Scenes are set with a thick atmosphere of weathered words, and the book's narration and vocabulary are edgy and fun, with raunchiness and innuendo.
Here it sounded terrific, from Alastair Moseley's opening clarinet glissando, and Ward's glittering pianism enlivened with elastic rubatos and improvisational freedom, to the BPO's quite brilliant support which, notably in trumpet and woodwind sections, had all the raunchiness of a Harlem jazz band.
They also spoke at length about working in a multi-starrer without any egos at play and toning down the raunchiness in JPNA 2, as the first instalment had come under fire for featuring women dancing in bikinis in Bangkok.
And now she is appearing in Hate Story 4, another franchise that has successfully used raunchiness to rake in collections.
Forty-five years on, no band better recalls the sound of the early 1970s than the joyous raunchiness of Slade.
She's published by my publishers and she's sold a hundred million copies, so they can afford me...") but it didn't make her feel the need to up the raunchiness.
The fights, back stabbing and latenight raunchiness from the housemates heats up every summer, so we advise bracing yourself for the 17th series!
On the raunchiness, Alexander says 'he's seen things that are more rude' and 'that sex was a form of currency back then, so it has a purpose in the show.' Also his mum's seen it.
As the pranks escalate beyond clever raunchiness into meanness, Max has serious reservations.
In Reyes' hands, Juego's verbose if beautifully written archaic Filipino (by Elmer Gatchalian) took on much-needed steam and pizzazz; and the character of Vicente became a philanderer of the highest order, played with an alluring mix of cockiness and raunchiness.
As there is every year, outrageously over-the-top comedies are fed to cinema-goers by the bucketful, each trying to out-do the rest in raunchiness. Get Hard might just be the stupidest, most immature of 2015 yet, and will either leave you in stitches at its crassness or appalled at its vulgarity.
As the March 18 editorial said, there's a difference between overtones of sexuality and full-out raunchiness.