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v. rav·aged, rav·ag·ing, rav·ages
1. To bring heavy destruction on; devastate: A tornado ravaged the town.
2. To pillage; sack: Enemy soldiers ravaged the village.
To wreak destruction.
1. The act or practice of pillaging or destroying: the marauders' ravage of the village.
a. Destruction, damage, or harm: The storm resulted in the ravage of the countryside.
b. ravages Destructive or harmful effects: the ravages of disease.

[French ravager, from Old French, to uproot, from ravir, to ravish; see ravish.]

rav′ag·er n.
References in classic literature ?
"The truly guilty," said Milady, "is the ravager of England, the persecutor of true believers, the base ravisher of the honor of so many women--he who, to satisfy a caprice of his corrupt heart, is about to make England shed so much blood, who protects the Protestants today and will betray them tomorrow--"
In the mean time, the alarm spread through the neighbourhood; the armed men collected immediately, and pursued the ravagers into the wilderness.
He also provides a lovely anthem to that garden ravager, the common mole, a far more interesting, intrepid creature than is commonly known.
Les gens n'ont pas conscience qu'une etincelle suffit a ravager des hectares[beaucoup plus grand que], deplore le chef du bureau de l'information a la Direction generale de la Protection civile, le capitaine Nassim Bernaoui.
A voir, de nos rivages africains de la Mediterranee, le feu ravager la cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris, on ne peut que ressentir l'immensite de la perte.
Even the most graceful young woman is a horrific ravager, not because
| The Nerf Alien Menace Ravager is PS17.99 instead of PS29.99.
Look out for the Ravager, a big tiger kind of thing, which has a gun on its back that can be shot off and used as an upgrade.
Broadway, features the newly remastered 1979 horror classic "Phantasm" and its new sequel "Phantasm: Ravager" at 9:30 p.m.
Ewans insecurities get him suckered into a cultish plot, conjured up by new acquaintance Archie Gardener Hobbes's powerful mother, which will destroy Oliver as he attempts to rid Britain of another villain, Ralph the Ravager. Oliver, aided by his sarcastic, clever gal-pal agent Sophie, thwarts all their schemes.