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A MAN-EATING tiger was ravaging the Kingdom of Damnasia, and the King, greatly concerned for the lives and limbs of his Royal subjects, promised his daughter Zodroulra to any man who would kill the animal.
Insects ravaging grain fields, orchards or vineyards were cited to appeal by counsel before a civil tribunal, and after testimony, argument and condemnation, if they continued in contumaciam the matter was taken to a high ecclesiastical court, where they were solemnly excommunicated and anathematized.
The island suffered another ravaging fire last week.
Fires in cereal fields have multiplied since June 5 in the Kef governorate, where about 6 fires have been reported ravaging more than 260 hectares in delegations south of the governorate.
press photo The Kurdish Globe Terrorist actions and explosions continue ravaging the town of Khurmatoo, south of Kiruk.