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also rav·el·ling  (răv′ə-lĭng)
A thread or fiber that has become separated from a woven material.


(ˈræv ə lɪŋ)

something raveled out, as a loose thread.
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Noun1.raveling - a bit of fiber that has become separated from woven fabricraveling - a bit of fiber that has become separated from woven fabric
fiber, fibre - a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
lint - fine ravellings of cotton or linen fibers
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COACH: Your first coaching job was as a graduate assistant for George Raveling at Southern Cal.
It's all mental: Braswell said he received a call from George Raveling this week.
The Pac-10 has more going for it than it ever has,'' said former Washington State and USC coach George Raveling, who has been involved in the Pac-10 since the mid-1970s.
The subtle implication, of course, was that ex-Cougars coaches George Raveling and Kelvin Sampson won the wrong way, although Dickson did not elaborate.
Former USC basketball coach George Raveling will do the color commentary for the Trojans-Illinois game in the first round of the Southeast Regional.
Even now, happily employed by Nike, CBS and Fox, and utterly sickened by some of the maneuvering within his former athletic department, Raveling can't help but feel the tug of USC versus UCLA.