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v. rav·eled, rav·el·ing, rav·els also rav·elled or rav·el·ling
1. To separate the fibers or threads of (cloth, for example); unravel.
2. To clarify by separating the aspects of.
3. To tangle or complicate.
1. To become separated into its component threads; unravel or fray.
2. To become tangled or confused.
1. A raveling.
2. A broken or discarded thread.
3. A tangle.

[Obsolete Dutch ravelen, from ravel, loose thread.]

rav′el·er, rav′el·ler n.


also rav·el·ling  (răv′ə-lĭng)
A thread or fiber that has become separated from a woven material.
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Noun1.ravelling - a bit of fiber that has become separated from woven fabricravelling - a bit of fiber that has become separated from woven fabric
fiber, fibre - a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
lint - fine ravellings of cotton or linen fibers
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So as he now gives thanks to the John Chaneys and George Ravelings who preceded him as black head coaches, he's hopeful Oregon's success might prompt a school in the future to consider a John Cooper or Kenny Payne, a former and a current black assistant to Kent.
Riggins and Gad, in "Where the Shining Trumpets Blow," elucidate Neumeier's invention of myriad ways to entwine couples' limbs into graceful knots that slip seamlessly into new ravelings.
But I would make it required reading for every "Intro to Musicology," and I urge it on colleagues disconcerted by the ravelings of contemporary academic practice.