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ra·ven 1

1. A large bird (Corvus corax) of the Northern Hemisphere, having black plumage and a croaking cry.
2. Any of several similar birds of the genus Corvus, found in Africa, Australia, and southwestern North America.
Black and shiny: raven tresses.

[Middle English, from Old English hræfn.]

rav·en 2

v. rav·ened, rav·en·ing, rav·ens
1. To consume greedily; devour.
2. To seek or seize as prey or plunder.
1. To seek or seize prey or plunder.
2. To eat ravenously.
Variant of ravin.

[From Middle English ravin, raven, rapine, plunder, prey; see ravin.]

rav′en·er n.
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This year's continued growth presents numerous opportunities for candidates looking to begin and develop their careers at one of America's fastest-growing retailers," said Bob Ravener, Dollar General's executive vice president and chief people officer.
Repeatedly in her work, Sappho invokes Eros, and reveals the ambivalence of erotic feelings: "The Looser of our Limbs shakes me again,/Love, the resistless ravener, joy-in-pain;/But, Atthis, love is turned to hate in thee;/Andromeda's thy quest instead of me" (Sappho 1942: 61).
In the Chronicles Lincoln is recorded as saying that foreign trade makes 'Englishmen want and starue' whilst the foreigners 'liue aboundantlie in great pleasure', a hint at the sexual abandonment which is made more explict with reference to the foreigners as 'raueners', (19) a word which implies sexual force, greed, and gluttony, as well as robbery (OED, Ravener, n.
Narrated in the first-person by Elsie Bouverie Ravener (her name punningly suggests an Emma Bovary whose fru strated yearnings have turned "ravenous"), the novel is, for its time, an astoundingly straight-forward exploration of marriage confronted by the "peril" of male erotic indifference.
What Keats and Hazlitt share perhaps above all is an emphasis on taste, on gusto as central to the poetic process, and both portray the poet as a ravener.
Dollar General promotes two senior executives, John Flanigan to executive vice president of global supply chain and Bob Ravener to executive vice president and chief people officer.
We're asking for a level playing field," said Tom Ravener, director of sales for pools/spas at Fort Lee, N.