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Noun1.raw data - unanalyzed data; data not yet subjected to analysis
data, information - a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn; "statistical data"
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But raw data brings little value to your organization.
The company added that the wireless device communicates with any smart mobile phone operating DynoLife application or third-party customized applications and sends the raw data to the cloud for computation.
The new sites will form part of the planned roll out of the 'Jurassic World VR Expedition' virtual reality franchise along with its four person free-roaming Raw Data VR Arena, and the 'Thrill Coaster' VR Cinema pods.
(Alliance News) - Virtual reality entertainment firm Immotion Group PLC said Friday it has entered an exclusive agreement with Survios for the installation of its "Raw Data" VR experience into Immotion's new arena product.
The sheer volume of data being produced is staggering, requiring new tools and fresh ways of thinking to turn the raw data into useful information for better decisions.
With Andromeda, Lilly scientists now have access to a private, collaborative and secure analytical environment where they can use, Evidation-built algorithms to process raw data for use in clinical studies or to create their own predictive models.
In addition to this, the sheer volume of raw data that can be generated in an industrial or utility plant is also likely to cause data bottlenecks in the wider network.
We agree with your comment about showing the raw data for LH and HF instead of the normalized units of LF and HF.
Organizations are embracing data lakes because it's relatively easy to populate them with raw data regardless of the format and to quickly begin using the data for analysis or analytics.
"The police keep explaining to people about this raw data they have that confirms the weight of the bin.
When you hold election, someone must win.' The Supreme Court of Liberia one 24January heard argument in the case, subsequently directing a re-examination of the original raw data sheet from the Kpaglay Polling Place #1, Precinct #33105 in Nimba as a means of verifying the numbers and determining if indeed, there was error in the transferring of the data by the NEC officer who did the entry.
He said the content of raw data from county polling stations was not challenged by the four candidates who competed with the governor.