raw umber

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Noun1.raw umber - greenish brown pigment
umber - an earth pigment
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I had to smile the other day when I read in the Times that Crayola was retiring the dandelion color from its crayon palette and allowing it to join 12 other retired shades like maize, raw umber, and mulberry.
I pre-wet the whole building with clean water and then filled in with Charles Evans Sand, quickly dropping in well-watered yellow ochre to the light side and then raw umber to the darker side.
Types of pigments: Blacks (Black/grey, complex inorganic, carbon black, lamp black), Blues (complex inorganic, ultramarine), Extender pigments (barium sulphate), Greens (chromium, complex inorganic), Iron oxide pigments (black, burnt umber, raw sienna, yellow, red/brown, natural and synthetic, burnt sienna, metallic brown, ochre, raw umber, van dyke brown), Reds (cadmium red, maroon/orange), Yellow and oranges (yellow/orange, complex inorganic)
Inspired by Arabic motifs found in decorative tiles in Southern Italy, each piece is hand-painted in Umbria in a traditional raw umber palette on stoneware-quality terra bianca clay (dinner plates, $63; bowls, $57).
A majority of the interior walls are painted with Sigmatex emulsion, tinted in unusual colors, such as yellow ochre, raw umber, vandyke brown and burnt sienna.
He added: "Instead, work out a monochrome palette of your own, using greenish greys, brownish greys and earth colours like raw umber and raw sienna.
VFW color sepia from basal area to submedial area and color raw umber in the remainder of wing; a slight and diffuse discal line fuscous black is present, postdiscal line fuscous black, better defined and irregular from vein [R.
To produce an authentic aged effect, rub raw umber oil paint into the cracks with a soft cloth and polish off.
Starting with the raw umber paint, mix a little bit with water to make a very light wash.
As the sap and hooker greens of summer gave way to the cadmium reds and oranges of fall, the woodland opened up and my stealthness became less accurate as crisp leaves of raw sienna and raw umber broke and crackled like cellophane under my feet.
Then the fixture was aged slightly with a little raw umber paint rubbed on and wiped off.
In the kitchen/dining room, the walls are a subtle blue, while units from Ikea are off-white then dragged with a mixture of burnt and raw umber.