raw weather

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Noun1.raw weather - unpleasantly cold and damp weather
bad weather, inclemency, inclementness - weather unsuitable for outdoor activities
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I am positive I have eat thirty times as much within these last twenty-four hours as your honour, and yet I am almost famished; for nothing makes a man so hungry as travelling, especially in this cold raw weather. And yet I can't tell how it is, but your honour is seemingly in perfect good health, and you never looked better nor fresher in your life.
CSS-Wx gets raw weather from seven types of stations including AWOS/ASOS, NEXRAD, Terminal Doppler Weather Radar, Canadian weather radars and GOES satellite data.
A spell of raw weather will take charge with a risk of snow for many parts of the country as winds turn easterly.
"We transition raw weather data into predictions of what the weather will look like in the future in the form of actionable data."
What if we were to follow his example a little bit harder?'' the president asked a crowd of family, former aides and political dignitaries of both parties under a tent in raw weather just outside the doors of the Edward M.
Raw weather - with freezing temperatures, sleet and hail showers - is forecast for the event, which was boosted by the announcement that Paula Radcliffe, the Olympian and marathon world record holder, would be among the 80 torchbearers.
What's missing from an alternative briefing--and what we've lost in the process--is a professional on the other end of the phone able and willing to help us interpret all the raw weather data.