raw wood

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Noun1.raw wood - wood that is not finished or paintedraw wood - wood that is not finished or painted
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
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Appreciating federal government initiatives for reducing duty in import of raw wood from potential countries to expand national forest cover and stop deforestation, he said the government should also start cash incentive programmes to forest communities for not cutting the trees which, he thinks, can result in efficient, cost effective and equitable conservation of forests as natural resources.
MINISTER for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan has underlined the need for reducing duty in import of raw wood from potential countries to expand national forest cover and stop deforestation.
0220401 Raw wood coniferous and hardwood for technological processing on wood plates and hydrolysis production, except for xylitol
The projected federal budget cuts might bring segments of the charitable sector down to raw wood.
The charming Cavagnoli eschews modern tools, sprawling over his chosen plank for weeks on end, chiselling the raw wood in a painfully slow, weirdly intimate act of devotion.
They were given a tour of the company's headquarters in Ruthin and a chance to see the processes which turn 100,000 tons of raw wood into fence posts, laminated timber for the construction and leisure industries, fuel logs, gates and garden furniture.
These objects stood on bases as considered as themselves, in materials from raw wood to cement, in structures from short and stubby to tall and spare, and in heights that brought the tallest works up to a total of almost six feet.
Beyond the production of sofas and armchairs, the Natuzzi plant in Baia Mare, Romania, houses a large industrial woodwork facility that procures and processes raw wood into finished materials for the entire group.
Literally translated, "La Grange" is French for "the barn" and every aspect of the concept--the food, the inviting atmosphere, and the charming space--are meant to reflect the warmth and abundance of rural culture: tin ceilings, rustic hardwood floors, raw wood accents, and family style seating give a timeless feeling and a familiarity that aptly sets the mood for the meal.
Raw wood platters and moss added to the rustic atmosphere, and butterflies "floated" all around the tablescape.
The austere set (of the director's own design) brilliantly illustrates that harshness with a floor-to-ceiling wall of raw wood planks hung with dozens of unfinished wooden chairs.
It's even simpler to cope primed trim because the contrast between the raw wood and the painted surface gives you a crisp profile line to follow.