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also ra·zor blade  (rā′zər-blād′)
A thin, sharp-edged piece of steel that can be fitted into a razor.
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Noun1.razorblade - a blade that has very sharp edgerazorblade - a blade that has very sharp edge  
blade - the flat part of a tool or weapon that (usually) has a cutting edge
razor - edge tool used in shaving
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"He was admitted immediately, taken for an x-ray and straight away we could see the razorblade sat in his stomach.
Quest Energy anticipates several years of coal production from the Razorblade surface mine.
The contrast between the razorblades, and all the terrible connotations they imply, and the acrobat silhouette is especially noteworthy.
It is full metal body and can blast through plastic, razorblade, and even 5mm of Styrofoam.
where [T.sub.n](u, v) and [R.sub.n](u, v) are the nth rooftop and razorblade functions, respectively.
In "Dancer in the Dark" (2000), Lars von Trier brilliantly utilizes the conventions of the movie musical (along with Bjork's vocals and much-loved pixie image) to run a filmic razorblade across the heart of the "American Dream."
Suddenly, the man who had been breaking the rear window came around and told the one who had been stabbing Khaled with the knife: "leave him to me." He took out a large razorblade and started sawing at Khaled's hand and tearing at his ligaments, saying: we've decided to cut off your hands.
Cross-sections were made by hand with a razorblade. The specimens were observed and photographed with an Olympus BX52 light microscope, connected to a digital camera Moticam 2 300.
The report also noted that the healthcare industry will borrow the ''razor and razorblade'' business model, where most of the revenue is generated from consumables.
"Craven does not deal chiefly in phantasmagoric demons," she continued; "he deals in terrifying extensions of everyday experience, the stuff of which true nightmares are made." So Freddy's razorblade glove comes to life and maims and kills the special effects crew working on the film-within-a-film.
On songs such as "Razorblade Suit" and "Insanity," Angry Johnny and the Killbillies dive dark into the abyss.
Even if one concedes that Maria may have had some sort of general, romantic conviction that she would die before she would be raped again, it is simply not plausible to assume that this naive girl, who "always wondered where the noses go" (71) when people kissed, could have come up with the idea of suicide via concealed razorblade on her own.