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A plundering raid.

[Arabic dialectal ġazya, from Arabic ġazwa, raid, military attack, from ġazā, to raid; see ġzw in Semitic roots.]


n, pl -zias
(Historical Terms) history a raid for plunder or slaves, esp one carried out by Moors in North Africa
[C19: from French, from Arabic ghaziah war]
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000 morts au Nigeria), provoque l'exode des populations (1,5 million depuis 2009) et se livre a des enlevements et razzias.
Slavery had existed in Iberia throughout the Al-Andalusi dynasty and continued on both sides throughout the Christian Reconquista; these slaves were largely obtained through a system of raids, called razzias, practiced by Christians and Muslims alike throughout the Mediterranean.
En peu de jours, le desastre militaire s'est transforme en un desastre humain avec pour protagonistes des troupes espagnoles qui s'adonnaient a des scenes de razzias dans les villages rifains assieges, represailles contre les familles des combattants d'Abdelkrim et une punition collective de la population en appliquant la loi du vainqueur dans un territoire qui etait pourtant place sous la protection de l'Etat espagnol.
The fact that Cluytens had no scruples when renewing his contract with the Grand-Theatre in Lyons on 3 March 1943, a few days after the terrible anti-Jewish razzias in that city (which included victims of his native Antwerp), is made little of and attributed to indifference, resulting out of Cluytens' dynamism, energy and ambition.
In his article "L'Afrique de Nicolas Sarkozy," Achille Mbembe demands from Sarkozy that France assume responsibility for "a cruel enterprise, abject and reprehensible" ("une entreprise passablement cruelle, abject et infame"), for "wars of conquest, massacres, deportations, raids, forced labor, institutionalized racial discrimination" ("les guerres de conquete, les massacres, les deportations, les razzias, les travaux forces, la discriminacion raciale institutionnelle").
Il avait pour base territoriale les camps retranches de marrons dans les mornes (2), ces camps etant alimentes en moyens techniques et humains par les razzias sur les plantations, mais egalement grace a la contrebande et a la flibuste.
The razzias they employed, cutting down orchards, burning crops and destroying villages might be seen as the very opposite of a 'hearts and minds' operation but, unlike the enemy, who adopted the same methods but fled, taking women and children with them as slaves, the French remained to begin the work of reconstruction and winning confidence.