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n. Informal
1. Dazzling excitement.
2. Elaborate action or maneuvers designed to deceive an opponent, as in a sports contest.
3. Extravagant or showy display, as of technique: a lecture that was more razzle-dazzle than substance.

[Reduplication of dazzle.]

raz′zle-daz′zle adj.


slang noisy or showy fuss or activity
[C19: rhyming compound based on dazzle]


(ˈræz əl)

1. showy or virtuosic technique or effect.
2. confusion, commotion, or riotous gaiety.
3. marked by razzle-dazzle.
[1890–95; rhyming compound based on dazzle]
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Noun1.razzle-dazzle - any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent
play - a preset plan of action in team sports; "the coach drew up the plays for her team"


[ˌræzəlˈdæzəl] ntralala m


, razzmatazz
n (esp Brit inf) → Rummel m, → Trubel m


[ˈræzlˈdæzl] n (Brit) (fam) → brio
to be/go on the razzle(-dazzle) → fare/andare a fare baldoria
References in classic literature ?
He was willing to do that, for he was a true son of the great city of razzle-dazzle, and to him one evening in the limelight made up for many dark ones.
Perhaps if I'd told her the truth instead of all that razzle-dazzle we might--but, confound it!
One of her biographers wrote: "Who knows, maybe Boris Johnson will achieve a miracle and inspire a whole country, as he does have that capacity -- that charisma, that razzle-dazzle."
Faust Peneyra's set design and Aaron Porter's lighting put some razzle-dazzle into what seems to be a simple set.
The razzle-dazzle and zing, which once charged their relationship, was now in short supply.
The power of music to bring hope, confidence and joy to the lives of children is beautifully relayed In the Australian documentary "Wide Open Sky." Following dedicated conductor Michelle Leonard as she assembles a choir of kids from far-flung outback towns, this down-to-earth crowdpleaser is a terrific antidote to the razzle-dazzle hype of so many TV talent shows.
From emcee Carolyn Michel swishing her ruffled skirt in a can-can number to Circus Arts Conservatory students and drag queen Beneva Fruitville, everyone got into the act--and the fashion show provided more razzle-dazzle. By the time Michael Klauber raised $25,000 in a live auction, co-chairs Kathy Coffey and Renee Hamad were basking in glory.
Other examples include dillydally, hoity-toity, mishmash, palsy-walsy and razzle-dazzle.
It may lack the razzle-dazzle of this winter's triple-A titles but we know which one you'll still be playing long after you've seen in the New Year.
SO, the razzle-dazzle of E3 in Los Angeles is over, and it was an overwhelming success by all accounts - a stonking 48,200 games enthusiasts attended over the three-day event.
The British loudspeaker maker KEF, a name well known to audiophiles, has broken out both the high-tech and marketing razzle-dazzle for its desktop X300A speakers.
Through an irresistible blend of theatrical razzle-dazzle, old fashioned show biz moxie and soon-to-be classic show tune spoofs, Moses tirelessly shepherds the Children of Israel to the Promised Landwhether they like it or not.