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n. Slang
1. Excited action or impressive display: "away from the razzmatazz of college and frat parties" (Betsey Carter).
2. Evasive or misleading language; double talk: "prodded his recruits with pep talks and office contests to sell stocks with razzmatazz" (Ron Chernow).

[Perhaps alteration of razzle-dazzle.]


(ˈræzməˈtæz) or




another name for razzle-dazzle


(ˈræz əl)

1. showy or virtuosic technique or effect.
2. confusion, commotion, or riotous gaiety.
3. marked by razzle-dazzle.
[1890–95; rhyming compound based on dazzle]
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Noun1.razzmatazz - any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent
play - a preset plan of action in team sports; "the coach drew up the plays for her team"


[ˌræzməˈtæz] Nbombo m publicitario


[ˌræzməˈtæz] razzamatazz (mainly British) ntralala m


[ˈræzməˈtæz] n (fam) → clamore m
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It is London and its surroundings that benefit financially from all the royal razzmatazz.
And without a great deal of fuss or razzmatazz, South Wales lecturer Peter Bray has quietly become one of our greatest.
Michael Collins was the sympathetic soloist in Copland's Clarinet Concerto, pastorally placid at first and jazzing up into the finale's ear-splitting celebration of urban razzmatazz.
LUTON were sacrificial lambs to the slaughter at the new Madejski Stadium where Reading celebrated with the result that could only complete such an afternoon of razzmatazz.
Councillor Marjory McQueen said yesterday: "Whatever happens we don't want razzmatazz.
Festival 630: 7-2 Crown Rover, 4 England Expects, 7 Anfi Gem, 10 Droopys Arshavin, Glenard Rocket, Lorrys Options, 12 Bodell Clare, Honey Trampas, Ten Dollars More, 14 Razzmatazz, 16 Oisins Record, 20 Garrons Lass, Gertys Pony, 33 Dessies Blueboy, Romeo Chieftain, 50 Fawkham Emperor, Say It Clearly, Wee Paris (e/w 1/4 1,2,3).
FORGET the over-the-top razzmatazz we associate with big stars these days - this show was all about Alicia, her voice and her piano.
I know the Americans like a bit of razzmatazz, but this performance was way over-the-top.
The 60-strong troupe from Barbara Peters School of Dance and Razzmatazz are rehearsing for their show 'Disco Inferno'.
The 43-year-old pop icon releases Invincible with little of the razzmatazz that has surrounded earlier albums.
The hype and razzmatazz of World League American football returns to Scotland next Sunday when the Scottish Claymores play their first home game against the Barcelona Dragons at Murrayfield.
For me, though, nothing can match the razzmatazz of the Twenty20 downpour, with the cover-bearers sprinting out to the playing area as drenched, but still scantilyclad, dancers cheer raucously.