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The audience will be introducing a personal experience and the actors will re-act it on stage, according to the event's official page.
The post Used materials re-act again appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Women learn and internalise the discursive forms and roles imposed by the hegemonic power, and act and re-act these imposed roles.
Pearson was foolish to re-act in such a fashion and I am sure although he feels that he does not have to apologise he will know privately it was wrong.
Medical officers will be in the wards at the time to see how the patients re-act.
Having a Psychology with Counselling Degree he understands that all people are different in the way they re-act to various situations and he enjoys the great diversity of his work.
When faced with redundancy, a colleague told her about the opportunities available through the Re-Act scheme.
The examples that I shall discuss now can be interpreted as the first way of dealing with trauma which I, following Freud's definition, have described as "the work of mourning"--a way to play back and re-act traumatic experience.
But often companies spend too much time gathering data, leaving little time to re-act to that data.
This kind of pro-active thinking, with Pro-Act and Re-Act initiatives to create and maintain thousands of jobs, worked for Wales under the Plaid-Labour coalition.
The Ministry of Interior said that it would re-act if the peace in Macedonia is disturbed due to the situation in Kosovo.
This kind of alert mechanism allows procurement to act rather than re-act on a potential risk.