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(ˈri ə li, ˈri li)

1. actually: things as they really are.
2. genuinely; truly: a really hot day.
3. indeed: Really, this is too much.
4. (used to express surprise, reproof, etc.)
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"We shouldn't have let it go to the play-offs, re-ally. We wanted to get up automatically because you have seen in the play-offs that anything can happen.
"In fairness to the policeman, he re-ally did not react.
Across:9, Out-fitter 10, Gets even 12, Gill 13, F-r-ight 14, Realise 15, That's flat 17, Trea-sure-d 18, Pick-L-ed 20, Parr-ot 21, Stun 24, Col-ossal 26, But-ted in 28, Eyed (I'd) 29, Cal-me-d 31, Shatt-er 34, Ag-reem-ent 36, Leaves out 38, Anatole 39, Re-ally 40, Rea-R 41, Goodness 42, Hands down.
"Especially Michael, and it was re-ally great to see Dale on the board as well."
She sounded re-ally annoyed." Michael, who was with Lynda for ten years, said he understands the pain facing Cilla's sons.
"I re-ally wanted to get into a workplace environment and I have always had a very strong interest in the automotive industry.
But no one gave Fiona Anderson what she re-ally needed...
RE-ALLY GOOD Ile De Re (right) wins the Northumberland Plate
Content is re-ally anything that enables an in- teraction or engagement be- tween brand and customer.
Nally: In terms of strategic planning, the Marine Corps stood up the Expeditionary Energy Office that works directly for the Commandant, and they've made re-ally significant inroads.