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Maddon added he expects a seamless re-entrance into the clubhouse for Zobrist with teammates.
The move marks HAP's re-entrance into the state of Michigan's Medicaid HMO service area known as Region 10, which includes Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties.
The company has demonstrated the service to Chinese government officials, they added." The same sources also say that Google's re-entrance to China is not a foregone conclusion, and the company is constantly testing new products that never see daylight.
In Tuesday's new episode of the TV Land comedy, Enzo (Chris Tardio) makes a splashy re-entrance into both the show and Diana's (Miriam Shor) life.
The reorganized Troverco will benefit from owner Joseph Trover's recent re-entrance to the food manufacturing market with Triple Sticks Foods; a sandwich manufacturing operation based in Belleville, IL (
AKAI already has a strong brand recall in the Indian consumer electronics market and the re-entrance is a testament to the continued legacy of the company as it plans to expand its product portfolio.
Their genealogical quest alternates with a fascinating account by Liberty Caldwell, a young American in the 1770s whose loyalty is tested, and with Anaya's slow re-entrance into her sister's life.
Our direction now, is to continue focusing on small businesses, but balance that up with a re-entrance into wholesale banking.
Through that program, convicted offenders receive help with their re-entrance into society, including working with village councils to be re-accepted.
We are also watching closely the likely re-entrance of Iran into global oil markets and also its role as an importer.
Here, pedestrians walk as if part of the neighborhood until they reach the re-entrance to the bike path at the West Bank Wayside.