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v. re-formed, re-form·ing, re-forms
To form again.
To become formed again.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - formed again or anew; "the re-formed scout troop has been very active"
organized - formed into a structured or coherent whole
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US-based alcoholic beverage company Milestone Brands LLC has re-formed itself as a beverage alcohol supplier and investor with the acquisition of Texas-based Dulce Vida Spirits, the parent company of Dulce Vida Tequila, as its first acquisition, the company said.
If it's cheap and re-formed, then yes, the chemicals and sugars will build up over time.
Kenney said they hadn't re-formed before now because, "We've been having a jolly time.
If the validity of the board members expires and the board is not re-formed or new members are appointed, the board member may carry out their duties and obligations until further notice.
Pursuant to Article 1 of the resolution, if the validity of the said board members expires and the board is not re-formed, the board member(s) may carry out their duties and obligations until further notice.
Hassan Abdullah Fakhro headed here today the 45th Meeting of the National Committee for Standards & Metrology after it has been re-formed, in the presence the committee's members, who represents the public and private sectors as well as a number of experts.
Hell froze over in 1994 when, after a 14-year "vacation", one of the most successful bands of all time re-formed, resulting in the iconic album.
Following the completing a three-and-a-half year tenure during which the company was reconstructed and re-formed, the Ex-CEO and board member Naeem Zamindar resigned.
But we took the dogs from the traps, checked them over, and that gave us sufficient time for the market to be re-formed as per GBGB rules.
THE re-formed New York roots-rockers, The Del-Lords, appear at the Cluny tomorrow night as part of their autumn UK/European tour.
The very special ska revival group re-formed in 2009 for a 30th anniversary tour and have never looked back, performing hundreds of sell-out concerts all over the world.
Wanderers compete in the Surrey South Eastern Combination after being re-formed three years ago.