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tr.v. re-leased, re-leas·ing, re-leas·es
To lease again: re-leased the car.



v.t. -leased, -leas•ing.
to lease again.



v. -leased, -leas•ing,
n. v.t.
1. to free from confinement, bondage, obligation, pain, etc.; let go.
2. to free from anything that restrains or fastens; loose.
3. to allow to be known, issued, done, or exhibited: to release an article for publication.
4. to relinquish or surrender (a legal right, claim, etc.).
5. a freeing or releasing from confinement, obligation, pain, emotional strain, etc.
6. liberation from anything that restrains or fastens.
7. a device or agency that effects such liberation.
8. a grant of permission, as to publish, use, or sell something.
9. the releasing of something for publication, performance, use, exhibition, or sale.
10. a film, book, record, etc., that is released.
a. the surrender of a legal right or the like to another.
b. a document embodying such a surrender.
12. a control mechanism for starting or stopping a machine, esp. by removing some restrictive apparatus.
[1250–1300; (v.) Middle English reles(s)en < Old French relesser, relaissier < Latin relaxāre to loosen (see relax); (n.) Middle English reles(e) < Old French reles, relais, derivative of the v.]
re•leas′a•ble, adj.
re•leas`a•bil′i•ty, n.
syn: release, free, dismiss, discharge, liberate all mean to let loose or let go. release and free both suggest a helpful action; they may be used of delivering a person from confinement or obligation: to release prisoners; to free a student from certain course requirements. dismiss usu. means to force to go unwillingly; however, it may also refer to giving permission to go: to dismiss an employee; to dismiss a class. discharge usu. means to relieve of an obligation, office, etc.; it may also mean to permit to go: The soldier was discharged. The hospital discharged the patient. liberate suggests particularly the deliverance from unjust punishment, oppression, or the like, and often means to set free through forcible or military action: to liberate occupied territories.
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After suffering a couple vacancies and with a short term remaining on the anchor tenant lease, the sponsor needed to recapitalize to re-lease the property.
KUWAIT, Aug 30 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Airways and the Aviation Lease and Finance Company (ALAFCO) signed a deal to sell and re-lease four 777-300ER aircrafts.
The company extended a large part of the space currently occupied by the tenant, till 31 December 2020 with this renewal and also gave it an opportunity to re-lease the remaining space in 2019, at market rates that are over 45% of the expiring rates at present.
Marty Drury IF the BBC was properly funded it could afford to re-lease the site.
Tenders are invited for Re-Lease Land at the Wrangell Airport
Hilliker Corporation, which was able to immediately re-lease the premises, represented both the tenant and the landlord, making this the sixth transaction between Hilliker Corporation and GL group.
The decline in operating lease revenue is primarily due to off-lease aircraft, sale of aircraft which contributed to revenue in Q2 '12 but were subsequently sold and re-lease of aircraft at lower rental rates.
The present Government believes that councils should not be in the business of owning property and forces them to sell off and re-lease any still occupied from the new owners.