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vb (tr)
(Music, other) to make a recording of (something recorded before) again: they had to re-record it in the studio.


(ˈri rɪˈkɔrd)

1. to record (something) another time.
2. to transfer (a recording) from one process to another, as from analog to digital recording.
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The device buffers and re-records locally, without transmitting or
Unusually, Iacovos re-records and rewrites everything himself, eschewing the use of samples or pre-recorded elements: "I try to achieve even the smallest of details in the song completely by myself.
So there've been a few re-records of some of the tracks.
Developed by an Abang (a member of the hereditary aristocracy of the Sarawak River area), the salsilah re-records existing oral histories of the origins of the traditional Sarawak Malay elite.
This third section re-records the earlier information and new information that was gleaned during the new field work.
His campaign re-records Tina Turner's "Simply the Best" as an Icelandic anthem.
Also, it might save you some re-records because they won't have to call you back in and say, 'Can you calm down this line?
70) In other words, the permanent data collection does not occur without a crash, as the EDR re-records continuously in five-second loops.
DRU HILL star Sisqo is threatening to withdraw his name from musical collaboration with Spice Girls singer, Mel B, left, unless she re-records the tracks he wrote for her solo album.
For semiautomatic operation with the production processor, the shift foreman enters all of the transportation commands into the production processor and re-records and starts the necessary NC programs.
In 2000, Polemeni launched Moviemaker Music, which produced re-records of hit songs with the original artists and offered the recordings at affordable rates to film, television and advertising communities.
With no moving parts, the MultiMediaCard prevents music players from skipping and ensures that sound quality retains its original fidelity with repeated play and re-records.