reach across


w>reach across

vihinübergreifen or -langen (inf)
References in classic literature ?
Something so wide that our hands will never reach across.
He tried to reach across the distance between the roof and the palisade, and in the attempt lost his balance and nearly precipitated himself to the ground below.
Stelling; for Tom could predict with accuracy what number of horses were cantering behind him, he could throw a stone right into the centre of a given ripple, he could guess to a fraction how many lengths of his stick it would take to reach across the playground, and could draw almost perfect squares on his slate without any measurement.
A NORTH council has launched a new religious education syllabus for its schools, to reach across all faiths.
The acquisition fits into Yamaha's expansion plan to provide high-quality, complementary products with a wider reach across the country.
He will be using these same skills to assist Clearview expand its reach across New York State.
The program will test technologies that in the short-term could be used for missiles, allowing the nation's military to reach across the globe in a matter of minutes to hit targets.
4 Reach across differences to create communities and families where they did not previously exist.
Look for a product that fits the room and won't force employees to strain when they reach across it.
But the extensive program of twelve dances and musical numb4ers showed Aman's breadth in its reach across many countries, Balkan and otherwise.
We believe that our ability to reach across practice lines to hand-pick the teams that will ensure successful outcomes for our clients distinguishes Paul Hastings as a legal counselor of choice for intricate real estate transactions.