reach back


w>reach back

vi (in time) → zurückreichen, zurückgehen (to bis)
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As far as the eye could reach back toward the land of plenty from whence we had come, our route was marked by circling vultures in the sky and by the bodies of the dead who lay down in the trackless waste for the last time.
In the meantime, Friday and the captain's mate so well managed their business with the rest that they drew them, by hallooing and answering, from one hill to another, and from one wood to another, till they not only heartily tired them, but left them where they were, very sure they could not reach back to the boat before it was dark; and, indeed, they were heartily tired themselves also, by the time they came back to us.
Trump "looks forward to reaffirming the strong bonds of friendship between the United States and the Netherlands, which reach back over four hundred years," the announcement said.
Police said that Safiyan (13) and Awais (10), real brothers, went missing two days ago as they did not reach back home after their school.
They couldn't reach back even after expiry of their visa, he added.
It connects the world to what we do." He encouraged critics to "reach back into the community and find the next Justin Chang.
You pop some lotion onto the spongy square, then simply reach back and rub it into your skin.
So if you feel a little tug on the back of your coveralls at the end of the mission, reach back and make sure the safety pin is pushed in all the way.
As financial management leaders, we must reach back to actively "build our bench" and develop our replacements.
Pokey and his band, the South City Three, reach back to the 1920s and 30s for inspiration.
"My mother would always tell me, 'People are blessed to become a blessing.' Especially as minorities, we can ill afford to make it and not reach back."
But the preacher need not reach back to the ancient Near East to make this point.