reach down

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w>reach down

vi (clothes, curtains, hair etc)herunterreichen (to bis); (person)hinuntergreifen or -langen (inf)(for nach)
vt sepherunterreichen
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Each time I woke I missed my coverlet, and had to reach down to the floor and get it again.
Astonished medical staff gave Chang some anaesthetic to make his muscles relax and were able to reach down into his gullet - from which they pulled out not only the metal key but a plastic access card as well.
"We were able to reach down, then carefully scoop the kittens back over the wall to safety."
We were able to reach down and wiggle the nets around, then carefully scoop the kittens back over the wall to safety."
Levis said, they were informed about the incident at 05am morning when the injured labor managed to reach down at a school, They didnt inform Levis before leaving because Liji is totally mountainous area and sensitive for security reasons.
This allows the WalaBeer tank to see where it's going, locate its target even through walls, and maneuver to where a man can reach down and pluck the beer bottle.
Raising the conveyor to an angle of 15 degrees allows the unloading parcels placed at height; lowering it by a 25-degree angle enables it to reach down into vans and smaller vehicles for greater fleet flexibility.
To reach down deeply within, to extend compassion to oneself, is to realize one's worth through the eyes of the soul.
If stirrups are not available, the patient can be placed in frog leg positioning so that my assistant can reach down and elevate the head if necessary.

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