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v. reached, reach·ing, reach·es
1. To stretch out or put forth (a body part); extend: reached out an arm.
2. To touch or grasp by stretching out or extending: can't reach the shelf.
3. To arrive at; attain: reached their destination; reached a conclusion.
a. To succeed in getting in contact with or communicating with: They reached us by phone. Our newsletter reaches a specialized readership.
b. To succeed in having an effect on: No one seems able to reach her anymore.
a. To extend as far as: The property reaches the shore.
b. To project as far as: A distant cry reached our ears.
c. To travel as far as: a long fly ball that reached the stadium's wall.
6. To aggregate or amount to: Sales reached the millions.
7. Informal To grasp and hand over to another: Reach me the sugar.
1. To extend or move a hand, arm, or other body part, especially when trying to touch or grasp something: reached for a book; reach into a pocket.
a. To have extension in space or time: a coat that reaches to the knee; a career that reached over several decades.
b. To have an influence or effect: a philosophy that reaches into many disciplines.
c. To make an effort to address the needs of a group or community. Often used with out: a program to reach out to disengaged youth.
3. Nautical To sail with the wind abeam.
1. The act or an instance of stretching or thrusting out: The frog caught the insect with a sudden reach of its tongue.
2. The extent or distance something can reach: a boxer with a long reach.
a. Range of understanding; comprehension: a subject beyond my reach.
b. Range or scope of influence or effect: the reach of the transmitter. See Synonyms at range.
4. often reaches
a. An expanse of land or water, such as a stretch of water visible between bends in a river or channel.
b. A rank or level in a social group or organization: the lower reaches of society.
5. A pole connecting the rear axle of a vehicle with the front.
6. Nautical The tack of a sailing vessel with the wind abeam.

[Middle English rechen, from Old English rǣcan; see reig- in Indo-European roots.]

reach′a·ble adj.
reach′er n.
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Adj.1.reachable - easily approached; "a site approachable from a branch of the Niger"
accessible - capable of being reached; "a town accessible by rail"
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[ˈriːtʃəbl] ADJ [place] → accesible; [object] → asequible; [goal] → alcanzable, accesible; [person] → accesible
she is reachable atse la puede localizar en ...
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Since his mobile phone was not reachable since then, Kirubha Rani contacted their relatives in Chennai, who were unaware of Sharath's visit to the city.
When asked about Basavaraj, Suresh said, "His phone is not reachable. I will speak to him later.
'I'll use my driver more here to attack the reachable par-4s.
Van der Valk took advantage of the three reachable par-5s of the par-71 CFdC layout, hitting an eagle on No.
"We've been trying to speak to him, but unfortunately he's not reachable. We just found out the phone number he registered with the winning ticket is not his," a source from Big Ticket told Gulf News.
This is why he isn't reachable. He has to complete his pilgrimage and will take few days," his friend in Abu Dhabi said about visit to Shirdi.
'Augmented Reality is different from virtual reality and as most of the students use smart phones, AR is reachable in coming months in Pakistan.
The embassy is reachable on the phone numbers: 0096824699626, 0096824696095, 0096824696097 and 0096892870055.
Lenku said; 'If it becomes hard for me to secure that water, I will use all the available and reachable means to get it.'
While talking with journalists protestors said construction work of regulator of Pandhi canal at Phuleli canal was non satisfactory caused thousands of acres soils barren due to impure planning and for high altitude water was not reachable to Pandhi canal.
"Decision-makers should try and make psychiatric consolation affordable, available and reachable for everyone because this is a real (barrier) against people seeking treatment.
Being reachable and accessible for millions of people worldwide, Facebook and Google managed to pull a big share of the online ads without paying taxes.