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1. To act in return to something, as a stimulus:
2. To present with a specified reaction:
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Our results suggest that a shark's electrosensing organ is tuned to react to any of these changes in a sudden, all-or-none manner, as if to say, 'attack now,'" says senior author David Julius, professor and chair of physiology at the University of California, San Francisco.
All eyes have turned to what is possibly the greatest Premier League title scrap in history - and how Pep Guardiola's side will react to losing out to Tottenham on Wednesday.
Previous Hyperdunk Models either had the Zoom or Air cushioning with the 2016 edition carrying the former, but Nike made the decision to incorporate the React to this year's model.
Yet the ongoing unfairness, unlawful tyranny and deaths urge us to rise up together and react to them with a stentorian voice we can muster before it is too late.
They searched for: when a child is vomiting, "when a child stops responding / reacting, when a child is sleeping and is not responding/ reacting, what to do when a child swallows too much table salt, table salt overdose, what to do when a child does not respond / react to stiimulant.
If you determine your authentic core values and reflect on those, you'll have a code of conduct to live by that helps you make conscious decisions rather than react to emotional scripts.
HUDDERSFIELD firefighters have backed a new road safety video to help teach motorists how to react to the emergency services.
These lymphocytes retrain the body not to react to allergic substances."
New Delhi,February 12 (ANI):Reacting to Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik's statement,India on Thursday said that New Delhi would react to Pakistan's response to its dossier on Mumbai terror attacks after receiving it formally and studying it.
Cllr Tony Robertson was critical of the short space of time councillors had to react to the proposal and said it was "sad" people accused Sefton of being opposed to the stadium or Kirkby's regeneration.