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n. Symbol XElectricity
Opposition to the flow of alternating current caused by the inductance and capacitance in a circuit rather than by resistance.


1. (Electronics) the opposition to the flow of alternating current by the capacitance or inductance of an electrical circuit; the imaginary part of the impedance Z, Z = R + iX, where R is the resistance, i = √–1, and X is the reactance. It is expressed in ohms. Compare resistance3
2. (General Physics) the opposition to the flow of an acoustic or mechanical vibration, usually due to inertia or stiffness. It is the magnitude of the imaginary part of the acoustic or mechanical impedance


(riˈæk təns)

the opposition of inductance and capacitance to alternating electrical current, expressed in ohms. Symbol: X
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Noun1.reactance - opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance)reactance - opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance)
electrical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon involving electricity
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Another area for further research is differences in psychological reactance based on culture.
Personal reactions and role behaviors in this setting may be explained by theory that integrates reactance and learned helplessness (Wortman and Brehm, 1975).
The greater a person's motivation to control his or her choices, the more intense reactance should be.
Reactance may represent a fundamental mechanism leading CEOs to compensate for the loss of structural sources of power over their boards by initiating interpersonal influence attempts toward relatively independent board members.
In the face of these peculiarities of organ donation (messages) and in line with the entertainment education approach (Moyer-Guse, 2008; Singhal, Cody, Rogers, & Sabido, 2004), we suggest that narratives might be an effective means to convey the relevant information countering specific fears and myths, because narratives have not only been shown to positively influence organ donation attitudes and intentions (Morgan, Movius, & Cody, 2009), but are also less likely to cause selective avoidance and evoke reactance (Green, 2006; Moyer-Guse & Nabi, 2010).
Moreover, we can conclude that the damping torque provided by the proposed design depends greatly on the system loading and the line reactance.
where "Vi' is the voltage of bus "i' and "Vj' is the voltage at bus "j' and "X' is the reactance of the line connecting bus "I' and bus "j' "Vimax' and "Vimin' are maximum and minimum voltage limits and "Vinom' is average of "Vimax' and "Vimin' and "Npq' is total number of load buses in the system[10]
Partisan identification: Reactance theory versus reinforcement theory.
A capacitive reactance compensator which consists of a series capacitor bank by a shunted by a thyristor-controlled reactor in order to provide a smoothly variable series capacitive reactance [11].
In addition, no changes were seen in lung function based on impulse oscillometry, a noninvasive method for measuring airway resistance and reactance (Chest.
It has two components--resistance (R) and reactance (Xc).