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or read-out  (rēd′out′)
n. Computers
Presentation of data, usually in digital form, from calculations or storage.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - the output of a computer in readable form
output signal, output - signal that comes out of an electronic system - the information displayed or recorded on an electronic device
info, information - a message received and understood - an electronic device the displays information is a visual form
electronic device - a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically


[ˈriːdaʊt] Nlectura f de salida


(riːd) past tense, past participle read (red) verb
1. to look at and understand (printed or written words or other signs). Have you read this letter?; Can your little girl read yet?; Can anyone here read Chinese?; to read music; I can read (= understand without being told) her thoughts/mind.
2. to learn by reading. I read in the paper today that the government is going to cut taxes again.
3. to read aloud, usually to someone else. I read my daughter a story before she goes to bed; I read to her before she goes to bed.
4. to pass one's time by reading books etc for pleasure etc. I don't have much time to read these days.
5. to study (a subject) at a university etc.
6. to look at or be able to see (something) and get information from it. I can't read the clock without my glasses; The nurse read the thermometer.
7. to be written or worded; to say. His letter reads as follows: `Dear Sir, ...'
8. (of a piece of writing etc) to make a (good, bad etc) impression. This report reads well.
9. (of dials, instruments etc) to show a particular figure, measurement etc. The thermometer reads –5C.
10. to (cause a word, phrase etc to) be replaced by another, eg in a document or manuscript. There is one error on this page – For `two yards', read `two metres'; `Two yards long' should read `two metres long'.
the act, or a period, of reading. I like a good read before I go to sleep.
ˈreadable adjective
(negative unreadable).
1. easy or pleasant to read. I don't usually enjoy poetry but I find these poems very readable.
2. able to be read. Your handwriting is scarcely readable.
ˈreadableness noun
ˌreadaˈbility noun
ˈreader noun
1. a person who reads books, magazines etc. He's a keen reader.
2. a person who reads a particular newspaper, magazine etc. The editor asked readers to write to him with their opinions.
3. a reading-book, especially for children or for learners of a foreign language. a Latin reader.
ˈreadership noun
the (number of) people who read a newspaper, magazine etc.
ˈreading noun
1. the act of reading.
2. the reading of something aloud, as a (public) entertainment. a poetry reading.
3. the ability to read. The boy is good at reading.
4. the figure, measurement etc on a dial, instrument etc. The reading on the thermometer was –5 C.
1. for the purpose of reading. reading-glasses; a reading-room in a library.
2. for learning to read. a reading-book.
ˈreading material noun
a list of books, stories, articles etc that need to be read for one's studies.
ˈreading matter noun
something written for others to read (eg books, newspapers, letters). There's a lot of interesting reading matter in our local library.
ˈread-outplural ˈread-outs noun
data produced by a computer, eg on magnetic or paper tape.
read between the lines
to look for or find information (eg in a letter) which is not actually stated.
read off
to read from a dial, instrument etc. The engineer read off the temperatures one by one.
read on
to continue to read; to read further. He paused for a few moments, and then read on.
read out
to read aloud. Read out the answers to the questions.
read over/through
to read from beginning to end. I'll read through your manuscript, and let you know if I find any mistakes.
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A fuel consumption meter is incorporated into the bottom of the rev counter and works in a similar way to that of BMWs of old, with the read-out arcing along the bottom of the dial.
Also quite different is the single-dial instrument binnacle, flanked on the right by an information screen and on both sides by EV read-outs.
We look forward to advancing the development of our STING and APRIL programs to provide the greatest potential benefit to patients." Isaacs continued, "Our cash position remains strong with $251.6 million at the end of the second quarter, and we will continue investing in our lead assets to generate additional meaningful data read-outs over the next 12 to 24 months."
"Our increased focus in R&D delivered important results with several positive data read-outs and the achievement of regulatory milestones.
The company expects to report further shortterm read-outs in mid-2019 from the ongoing Phase 1/2 study.
The company expects to report further short-term read-outs in mid-2019 from the ongoing Phase 1/2 study.
There will also be an optional virtual cockpit and a special Skoda app that will give digital performance read-outs.
Over barbecues and goal replays, what impact will leaked read-outs from warring Tory politicians have?
Researchers monitored 873 men and women who took baths for an average of 12 minutes, measuring read-outs from the body important to prevent strokes and heart problems.
POLICE are to get hi-tec roadside breathalysers to give instant read-outs that can hold up in court.
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said "the read-outs from the (working-level) meetings have been positive."